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Happy customers and their pets brag on us!

  • "Thank you for a house that was so easy to put together and well constructed. My husband always hates the items you buy that say "easy to assemble" because they never are. He was holding his breath with this house when it was delivered. After unpacking it and checking the parts that were well labeled he started putting it together. My brother in law was here to help him but my husband said it was so well labeled he could have done it by himself and actually enjoyed putting it together. Whoever designed it should get an award. Our cat loves it too!!"

    Fran  -Stanton, Iowa

  • "Got it last night and it is all put together. We love it. A home to last forever"

  • "It went together perfectly. Instructions/drawings and the way everything was marked was so helpful! This is truly an impressive house. The guys who helped me put it together had nothing but high praise and compliments for the quality of everything. You and Chuck are really fantastic!"

    - Mary C.

  • "Thank you so much for our Giant new home for our Belgium German Shepards. They love it and we couldn't believe how nice it was. We will definitely recommend you to anyone..."

    - Christopher Edwards

  • Good evening! We purchased your Blythe Wood works Large doghouse over 14 yrs ago. It has traveled with us all over the U.S. and handled numerous NorthEast Winters and S.Texas Summers. The durability of the doghouse and porch is by far the best in the industry. It has outlasted in comparision 3 outdoor grills and is older than our kids. Plus it is made in the U.S.A. Keep on producing such a high quality product. It has stood the test of time and I can see it lasting for several more years.

    -Vernon S.

  • We purchased the adorable cat Kottage with the porch, air conditioner, and heating pad. It was so easy to assemble because you had everything marked. My husband and his friend could not believe how easy it was and what an awesome job you folks did packing and marking all the pieces. Our cat loves to jump on the ledges. Who ever designed this house deserves an award!!! Thank you all !!!

    - Frances L.

  • I wanted to get back with you concerning the Godzilla I purchased recently. My brother and I put the house together including the A/C and everything went along without a hitch. Once my 5 month old Dane was brave enough to get in he stayed for about 4 hrs straight and so far all has been a good story with the Godzilla. When you buy an extremely pricey dog house you really want it to be a good story like this has been so far.

    - Barry 

  • Just wanted to let you know that the Goliath Duplex dog house is all set up (installation was easy). The dogs love it so far and we are very happy. The AC unit works great and I know my Alaskan Malamutes (Balou and Timber) will love it in the hot California summer weather. Attached are a few pics i took the first day. I'll send more soon. Thanks again. Rob.

  • Brandy and Palmer in their new dog house.  Brandy is the Mom and Palmer is her puppy.  They love the dog house!

  • "I wanted to take some time to thank you for the dog house we bought back in June 2012. It is beautiful and my dogs love it!!"

    - Suja

  • "I just wanted to send in a review for the extra large dog house I purchased over 4 years ago. It is holding up great outside in our MO heat and snow. My dogs still love the house. If anyone is looking at dog houses be sure to buy from these guys!"

    - Janet

  • Thank you so much for the wonderful service and the fabulous home for our boys.  I cannot believe how well constructed the dog house is and they are loving the air conditioning!  In fact, we sometimes have to coax them out to play with us! We have recommended you to all of our pet-loving friends.  I only wish I had found you years ago!


  • "Thanks for sending the 20 x 20 insulated cedar cat house! I received it in less than 48 hours!! My cat and I love it! Please pass our compliments to the shipping department and the carpenters who built my cat house. The design, craftsmanship, and careful packing for shipment were all of outstanding quality. It was fun to see the signatures on each component!"

    Laurence M.

  • Hi you guys. I love my new kitty condo. It's like a little beach-house for my cats. Easy-to-follow instructions for assembly, and a great design. Thank you!!!!

    -Liz Nees

  • I purchased a Cedar Dog House from you about 4 1/2 years ago. Its still holding up and looks great. She often is found sleeping in there ... especially on raining days/nights.

    -Christopher Powers

  • Every time we see Happy come our of her house in the morning or at night, we get a reassuring feeling that she is protected, out of the weather and comfortable.

    -Larry Leonard

  • Our dog is an Alaskan Malamute named Klondike (Kody) Kobuk. He is 14 months old and full of energy, some of which he takes out on his house. We bought the large house with a porch and Kody loves it.

    -Terry Sobczak

  • Here's a pic of our pup "Coen" and his new dog house! Thanks again for the GREAT product!

    -Peter Speyer

  • We just had 3 days of rain. Tiffany stayed completely dry. I hinged half of the roof so I can just lift it up to get inside... Tiffany spends lots of time on the porch. It's really AWESOME!!!

    -Louis Chasick

  • I received the house yesterday and just put it together and it is WONDERFUL. Woody is already asleep in it and is comfortable. The ease of installation is incredible.

    -Jon F. Barnett

  • A while ago a stray cat we named Butch started living in our back yard. I cut a hole in a storage bin to give him some shelter but we live in Wisconsin and it was clear this wasn't a long term solution. When we put out the insulated cat house with the heated pad he went inside immediately and has been happily living in his new house ever since. Thanks for making such a great product! I've attached a picture of the cat house during a snow storm that just dropped 18 inches of snow on us. It's great to know Butch is safe and warm.

    -Candace Bain

  • Just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how happy Cody is with his new dog house. Thank you for building him such a high quality structure. We are both certain that it will give him many years of enjoyment and protection.

    -Douglas L. York

  • Wow, we ordered our large duplex on Wednesday and received it on Friday! By Saturday evening we had it all stained and put together with extra decking! Our puppies, Tank and Bruiser, (who will be one year old this Christmas) can hardly wait to try out their "new digs". They will have access once the stain is no longer "tacky". When they were little, they were able to fit in the large cedar doghouse we ordered from you for a previous dog. Your doghouses and duplexes are not only attractive, but they are durable and very straightforward to put together. They will be "extra comfortable" with the mats and heating/cooling system. You can see one of their giant bones next to their enclosure which is usually open so they can roam the fenced three acres - they are only contained when we are not at home.

    -Tank & Bruiser (and Sue & John)

  • My boys Kolby and Eli are loving their 2 dog house. I love this dog house. It is such high quality.

    -Roberta Sinapi

  • Hello Just wanted to let you know how happy we are with Samantha's house. It is too cute! Not to mention, well made. We have experienced some wet weather, what we call "sideways rain", and Sam's indoor area remained dry. I stained the exterior with Thompson's cedar tinted proofing, and the result was very eye appealing. We have recently taken Sam in after a family death, so her life at 12 has experienced some change. Your product has given us great satisfaction in providing her loving care and adequate protection from the elements. Once again, thank you!

    -Jessica McMillin

  • "I wanted to take a few minutes and thank you for quick service and outstanding products. The dog house arrived as promised on Wednesday afternoon, and I immediately set it up! The instructions were clear and assembly went surprisingly fast. The quality of the materials and the build are beyond reproach, I am very impressed...It is very refreshing to know that one can find a quality product at a fair price offered up by genuinely nice people...It was a pleasure doing business with you and rest assured that I will recommend your products to everyone!"

    Roland N.

  • Just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the Cat Cottage we ordered from you. Everything from order processing to craftsmanship was perfect. I placed the order on Tuesday evening and it arrived on Friday. Couldn't ask for better service than that! It was easy to assemble and now (Saturday afternoon) it's out in our yard and available to the cats who regularly visit our yard. It definitely is the coolest looking kitty house we've seen. Looks like a little Swiss chalet grin Thanks for a wonderful product!

    -Barbara A.

  • "I wanted to say that I love the Godzilla doghouse I received back in May. This is the first house my dog actually uses. My yard overlooks a busy street and Comet's favorite place is lying under the covered porch watching the cars drive by. And it's everything your website said it would be - it's roomy, strong, and solid. As far as it's integrity? It's been raining here in Colorado almost everyday for over a month and it still looks great. It has also survived a few hardy hail storms. I have no doubt it will stand up to eastern Colorado's wacky winter weather. I feel good knowing that Comet has a secure place to shelter in. It was also pretty easy to put together. It took me and my family three hours from start to finish including the time it took to unpack. Thank you so much for exceeding my expectations!

    -Lisa G. (Jul 2009)

  • "Finally, after all the snow this winter, Fergus can "move in" to his new dog house. He says many thanks, and is going to really enjoy the outdoor comfort."

  • "I had a friend, who is quite the craftsman when it comes to woodworking, come to Sweetwater and assist me in building my giant dog house. It took us about 2 hours and he was really impressed with the quality of workmanship that goes into your product. The house is very roomy and sturdy. While I was inside it, all the dogs entered and there was room for all of us. The air conditioner works fine, also. I have included some photographs of the finished product. The dogs like the house and figured out the door right off the bat. I appreciate your product and doing business with you. Thank you for making the process so enjoyable. I would not hesitate to recommend your company.

    Thank you again, Randy

  • "Fritzie loves his house"

  • "We are thrilled with the dog house and the assembly was a "piece of cake" as advertised. The dog house is exactly what we expected, and we could not be happier with our choice of suppliers. Thank you so much for the excellent product and the great service. "

  • "Meg and Mac think their new house is "The cat's meow!" It exceeded our expectations and is a beautiful piece of work. Thanks for all your efforts."
    "The dog houses arrived in perfect condition. They were really easy to assemble. The quality of the materials and workmanship exceeded our expectations. Boris and Gordon are very happy."
    "We have 2 "mousers" on our farm that help keep the rodents/reptiles down, but here in Wisconsin, it gets cold and we wanted to provide a good place for them to take shelter when needed and purchased the 20" cat house with platform and loft and the cats use it regularly, both the house on windy days and a cat bed that sits on the upper platform on warmer days. It was easy to assemble. I just wanted to thank you all for the great product and service."

    - Patrick from Wisconsin

  • If one critter does not like the house; there is another one who does.  Flower is the smallest of triplets that we had to hand raise.  Now she is queen of the barn yard.

  • "My thanks to you and Chris for great job on dog house. It arrived in perfect shape and assembled easily. Simon will go in dog house and it is plenty big enough for him. He prefers the open most of the time. At least shelter is available if he chooses."


  • "Many people have asked us where we got the magnificent dog house -- you may have more business coming your way. Thanks again and may 2011 be filled with great blessings for you and yours"


  • "Dinah & Chuck, It was 8.8 degrees outside this morning with a 25mph wind chill of -15 degrees. I was running the wall heater and the floor pad in the giant size dog house. The probe was showing 48 degrees inside the house. Since the probe is on the opposite side of the house from the heaters, my guess is that the area where Boris was laying by the heaters was at least ten degrees warmer. Also, the double doors work really well. No snow entered the house." 

    - F.

  • "We received the new dog house and assembled it quickly. I added an enclosed porch and door in case we to keep them ?kenneled?. Not really a kennel, more of a home to our dogs. Both Mocha (brown lab) and Bailey (yellow lab) love their new home. They are ?Our Kids?, like the sign says. We purchased the original Godzilla dog house in January 2008 and had to part with it when we sold our home in Texas to move to Missouri. Our home sale came down to whether we would include the dog house or not. So the old house stayed and now is a home for a 6 month old black lab which will enjoy it as much as our dogs love their new home. Thanks for the great product and service! Tim and Samantha (and of course Mocha and Bailey)

  • We took the outer door off, so they could get used to going in and out.

    -Jonathan R.

  • I thought you and the folks at Blythe Wood Works would enjoy seeing a pic of the medium sized insulated dog house kits you custom made for my beagles, now that they've been assembled, stained and set up in their kennel. As it turns out, my friends had a heater in their garage, so they stained and assembled them (all but the porch) there and brought them over to my place with a trailer. We set them up this past  weekend. They are beautiful and very well made. We loved that each piece was hand signed. The instructions on how to put each house together were clear and easy to follow. You folks exceeded all our expectations! One of my two beagles has already gotten the hang of using the Seal Safe doors and runs in and out of the dog houses like a little champ. I'm patiently working with the other to help her overcome her fears.

    - Diane K.