Single Door Large Duplex

Blythe Wood Works is now offering the Large Duplex Dog House with a single door.  The Single Door Large Duplex Dog House is a smaller version of our Single Door Goliath Dog House, and has all the same great options available.   The compartment is 73" wide and 38" deep and with a single center door, the Single Door Large Duplex Dog House has a gracious wind free sleeping area on each side.  The perfect house for a couple (or more) smaller to mid size dogs that "get along".

This dog house consists of seven pre-drilled easy to assemble panels and comes with a heavy duty vinyl flap door installed.

Finally, the Single Door Large Duplex Dog houses have a roof line that causes the rain to fall to the side of the house, not at the door where your dog will track in mud and water!

* Please note:  The picture of the Single Door Large Duplex Dog House at the left  shows the house with optional Two Windows, Seal Safe Door, Clean Out Door, Porch and Deck, and a Raised Foundation.

House Size: 73" w x 38"d x 50"h

Door Opening: 14 1/4" w x 17 1/2" H

Price: $1373

Single Door Large Duplex click for larger view

Optional Accessories:

When you purchase these pet accessories with your dog or cat house, we do all prep work on the house so you can avoid drilling holes or attaching things with screws and messing up a house that could cost you hundreds of dollars.

Porch & Deck - $337 - 73" x 22" view details

Raised Foundation - $573 - 76" x 64" view details

Dog Aire Air Conditioning - $333 view details

Seal Safe Door - $353 view details

Hard Heated Dog Pad - $123 - 16.5" x 22.5" view details

Two Hard / Heated Dog Pad - $246 - 16.5" x 22.5" view details

Soft Heated Dog Pad - $123 - 19" x 24" view details

Two Soft / Heated Dog Pads - $246 - 19" x 24" view details

The Hound Heater by Akoma Dog Products - $157 view details

Double - The Hound Heater by Akoma Dog Products (FOR EXTREMELY COLD CLIMATES) - $289 view details

Dog House Clean Out Door / Whelping Door - $97 view details

Insulation - $193 view details

Windows (2) - $173 view details

Name Plate - $17 view details *Name:

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