20” Cat House Duplex

For multiple cat owners, this duplex cat house is a perfect fit. Not only will it house two cats comfortably, (and for average size cats, it will accommodate up to four).

Each cat house comes with heavy duty vinyl flap doors, installed.

The duplex house has a slide in center partician that can easily be removed if so desired. Each house comes with vinyl doors.

Also, all Blythe Duplex houses have a roof line that causes the rain to fall to the side of the house, not at the door where your pet would track in mud and water

The 20" cat duplex house offers a full line of options that make it possible for you to custom design a cat abode to best suit your cat's needs and your taste. "Peek-a-boo" Clean out door, raised foundations, platforms, porch and deck systems, heat pads, and thermostatically controlled electric heat units are same as the options available for our western red cedar cat duplex.

If you think it looks good in the picture...wait until you see it in your back yard!

House Size: 40"W x 20"D x 30"H*

Door Opening: 8"W x 8 5/8 "H

Price: $529.00

20” Cat House Duplex click for larger view

Optional Accessories:

When you purchase these pet accessories with your dog or cat house, we do all prep work on the house so you can avoid drilling holes or attaching things with screws and messing up a house that could cost you hundreds of dollars.

Raised Foundation - $260.00 - 45"w x 36"d view details

Platform - $291.00 - 44"w x 35"d view details

Porch & Deck - $203.00 - 40"w x 12"d view details

Seal Safe Door (2) - $246.00 view details

Insulation - $109.00 view details

Hard / Heated Cat Pad for First Compartment - $67.00 - 9"x12" view details

Hard / Heated Cat Pad for Second Compartment - $67.00 - 9"x12" view details

The Hound Heater Deluxe by Akoma Dog Products - $167.00 view details

First Name Plate - $17.00 view details *Name:

Second Name Plate - $17.00 view details *Name:

"Peek-a-boo" Cat House Clean Out door (2)** - $162.00 view details

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