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Dr. Doghouse can answer any questions you can think of concerning a dog or cat house. Dr. D's only function in life is trying to assist and make sense of the questions concerning dog and cat house sizing, options, and house configuration variables that differ by geographical regions.

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Hot temperatures are on the rise: Our Reliable DogAire™ air conditioners are IN STOCK NOW!

Blythe Wood Works has been building dog houses for over 20 years.  Ten years ago we were the first dog house manufacturer to market air conditioned dog houses.  We have utilized various air conditioner models from different companies.  Some of the units sat away from the house and were connected with hoses (which the dogs loved to chew)!  Our unit connects directly to the house – hose free.  We... Read More »

What you need to know about red cedar, white cedar, and treated lumber

Our cat and dog houses reduce your carbon foot print because all of our wood categories (western red cedar, western spruce and pressure treated southern yellow pine) are environmentally friendly and a readily renewable old growth timber is utilized. Our sidings and roof materials are domestic western red cedar. Don't be fooled by pet house manufacturers who claim their houses... Read More »

Three Vital Things to Consider when Choosing a Dog or Cat House

1. Honesty – Reliability Dog house manufacturers come and go. Blythe Wood Works has been designing and building dog and cat houses since 1990. After nearly 20 years, our customer's main comment is that we are reachable and responsive. During non-business hours, seven days a week, we are accessible – 1-800-928-9951. Whether it is needed information before the sale, a question on assembly, or a... Read More »

Will I See My Pet in Heaven? A Christian Perspective

by Mike DuBose In 2007, my family lost a beloved cat. BB was like a member of our family, and the experience nearly broke our hearts. After we buried him, we began to ask ourselves: will we see him again in the afterlife? When I realized that there had to be many other Christian pet owners out there who struggle with the same question, I set out to look for answers amongst local ministers and... Read More »