Double Electric Dog House Heater  (FOR EXTREMELY COLD CLIMATES)

Our House heater is a safe and effective way to heat the living area of any of our dog houses including our duplex cat house and Catillac house. It features a 150 watt, 100 volt heating element that has an incredibly long life and is easily replaceable. The house heater comes with a chew proof cord and a thermometer that mounts to the outside of the dog house making it easy to monitor the interior temperature at the living area of the pet house.

When you order the Electric House Heater with your dog or cat house, Blythe Wood Works will complete all of the prep work so you can install the heater and thermometer in just a few minutes. As you can observe in the picture, we prep for the heaters thermostat to be easily accessed through the door opening so you don't have to dismantle the dog or cat house to adjust the dog house temperature.

When purchasing the house heater, we highly recommend using only insulated houses and in really cold climates, a seal safe door would be an energy saving investment.

In extremely cold climates, the Large Duplex, Goliath Duplex, and the Single Door Goliath Duplex will require the Double Heater option to adequately heat the living area due to the cubic footage of these larger dog houses.