Seal Safe Door (Front Door)

The Kool Cat Kottage has two doors - a lower level front door and an upper level escape door.  Both doors come standard with a .080 vinyl strip door installed.  Because of the a/c option and the possibility of multiple cat habitation, the seal safe door option is an energy saving accessory.  Cats are like kids…the only thing more fun than going in is going out!  Every time the door opens, cool or warm air escapes.

The Seal Safe Door is magnetized so not only does it seal better, it shuts quicker, saving long term energy dollars.

If you order Seal Safe Doors with your Kottage, we install them at no charge.  Due to their design, it is too complex  (too many pieces) for customer installation.

Like our pet houses, Seal Safe Doors are made in the USA.