CatAire Air Conditioner

Blythe Wood Works has designed the Kool Cat Kottage around the needs of your cat(s). One of these needs is air conditioning. With over twenty three years in the pet house business, we know a great deal about how to design a cat house. We listen to our customers. We were the first pet house manufacturer to offer an air conditioned pet house. Even though there are now many more air conditioners for pet houses, we are the only manufacturer that engineers and designs the house to the air conditioning unit with minimal work for the customer.

Our unit has a stronger warranty than any unit presently available for pet houses. Unlike competing A/C units, our unit shuts off completely when it reaches the optimum temperature.There are no unsightly hoses on the outside that can get damaged or bent and you don’t have to drill any holes in the house.  We do all the prep work for you. To install, just slide the CatAire unit on the runway, insert two screws to secure, stuff three strips of foam, and plug in. There are no knobs that the cat can play with and you simply point the remote through the left look out window and set the temperature.


* 5200 BTU
* Energy Saver Mode
* Energy Star Rated
* Infrared Remote Control
* On / Off Timer
* Easy access to washable slide out filter
* Super easy installation
* Regular house receptacle power
* Dimension: 12 ½ high, 16” wide, 15” deep
* Maximum Air Flow  155 CFM
* Warranty:
  1 year parts and labor
  5 years on compressor
* Noise Level 38 db
* EER 10.7
* Fan/Cool Speeds  - Three