Dog Aire Air Conditioning

Building doghouses for nearly 20 years has been a learning experience for us; the most important lesson learned - listen to the customers. They relayed to us that they desired a system with a better warranty and a longer life. Some wanted A/C only, some wanted heat only and some desired both. There are geographical areas that have extremely hot climates and the "huge" doghouses seemed to need a little more btu(s) during those 100 (plus) degree days (TX, AZ, CA, FL).

We investigated many different products and manufacturers and have chosen a 5,200 btu unit that meets all of the requirements. We have tested and adapted it to fit our houses from the large to the goliath and it performed flawlessly. If someone requests the need for heat, we also provide a full line of heated dog house pads for all sizes in our dog house line.

Our Blythe Wood Works Dog Aire(TM) system can be installed by the customer in less than two (2) minutes. There are no hoses, clamps or holes to be bored. We totally prepare the house for our customer at no extra charge.

If you are considering a Blythe Wood Works Dog Aire air conditioning system, please consider the upgrade Seal Safe? pet house door (especially with multiple dogs). The Dog Aire will run more efficiently and the savings in electrical usage will pay for the Seal Safe door in less than two years.


5200 btu

Energy saver mode

Infrared Remote Control

No knobs to chew on

On/Off Timer

Unit does not run continuously

Easy to access, slide-out filter in washable

No hoses for dogs to chew

Two (2) minute Installation

115volt Power


Cooling Capacity: 5,200 BTU
Unit Weight: 43 pounds
12.5"(h) x 18.5"(w) x 14.5"(d)

Maximum Airflow: 155 CFM

Noise Level: 38 db
EER: 10.7
Fan/Cool Speed: 3