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Dr. Doghouse can answer any questions you can think of concerning a dog or cat house. Dr. D's only function in life is trying to assist and make sense of the questions concerning dog and cat house sizing, options, and house configuration variables that differ by geographical regions.

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Hot temperatures are on the rise: Our Reliable DogAire™ air conditioners are IN STOCK NOW!

Blythe Wood Works has been building dog houses for over 20 years.  Ten years ago we were the first dog house manufacturer to market air conditioned dog houses.  We have utilized various air conditioner models from different companies.  Some of the units sat away from the house and were connected with hoses (which the dogs loved to chew)!  Our unit connects directly to the house – hose free.  We do all the prep work so that in just two minutes you can have your dog cool no matter how hot it is outside!

If you are thinking about purchasing a dog house with an air conditioner you should purchase it from us - U.S. American Made:

  • Our DogAire™ is 5200 BTU., which will cool our largest dog house in just 3 to 5 minutes.
  • DogAire™ is the only pet A/C unit that is ENERGY STAR RATED.
  • Our DogAire™ is the best priced unit on the market and are IN STOCK NOW!
  • If you desire air conditioning with the option of heat, DogAire™ AND our electric heater is still the best deal in the market place today.  Even in very cold climates, you can purchase two heaters (discount when you purchase two) the price is still the best price available!
  • DogAire™ has a one year full warranty along with a five (5) year warranty on the compressor.
  • When our DogAire™ reaches the optimum temperature, the entire unit shuts off.....completely.  No energy wasted.
  • Because of our quality engineered structures, our dog house is the only house currently designed and manufactured to support the DogAire™ unit.
  • After selling hundreds of DogAire™ units over the last four years we have had only two failures: one was a lightning strike and the other was due to an inadequate sized extension cord.

Thank you for taking the time to read about our highly efficient and pet friendly air conditioning units.  

For more information, please call us at 1-800-928-9951.

[See our DogAire™ page for more details]